Digital Philology

The cross-departmental working group Digital Philology employs methods from computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, statistics, and, more generally, Digital Humanities (DH).

We are also involved in the coordination of - and teaching courses in - the master program MA Digital Humanities as well as in the EC Digital Humanities. The MA Digital Humanities is a recently established  program in which students acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge relevant for the DH. It is jointly offered by the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies in collaboration with the Research Network Data Science.

Moreover, we contribute to the FSP Digital Humanities and jointly organize the DH Lecture Series, one of the major networking activities for DH researchers at the University of Vienna.


  • 2023-06-26: Information event on funding for DH on June 30, 10:00 (DH@EVSL, Besprechungsraum); slides
  • 2023-04-14: open DH tutor position at EVSL
  • 2022-11-22: We organize a workshop on "Recent Advances in Digital Philology" on December 7
  • 2022-11-09: There will be a guest talk by Axel Bohmann (November 16, 11:30-13:00, BIG Hörsaal) panel discussion on qualitative, quantitative and digital methods (November 18)
  • 2022-08-05: New guidelines for description of qualifications for the MA DH published
  • 2021-10-08: Networking meeting on Friday, October 15, 12:00, regarding the most recent go!digital call
  • 2021-09-27: We organize a panel discussion on "AI, Language and the Digital Humanities" on November 8 (in German)
  • 2021-09-20: On Wednesday, September 29, there is a welcome event for all DH, BA and DS master students (online access link)
  • 2021-06-29: Guidelines for description of qualifications for the MA DH published
  • 2021-04-22: Update of the MA Digital Humanities curriculum
  • 2021-04-20: Invitation to networking meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 14:00, regarding the most recent ÖAW DH/AI call


  • Andreas Baumann is assistant professor at the Department of German Studies
  • Erion Çano is post-doc at the Faculty of Computer Science (Research Group Data Mining and Machine Learning)
  • Hannes Fellner is associate professor at the Department of Linguistics and EVSL
  • Nina Hojjat-Apostolidis is administrative assistant at EVSL
  • Benjamin Roth is professor for Digital Philology (Digitale Textwissenschaften) at EVSL and the Faculty of Computer Science